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How can I use a Welcome Pickups coupon (Flex or other)?
How can I use a Welcome Pickups coupon (Flex or other)?

A detailed guide on how to use your coupon using our web and app

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Currently there are 2 ways to apply a coupon to your transfer with Welcome Pickups

1. Via the Web Page

2. Via the Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Use a coupon through Web Page

A Coupon can be used per each payment transaction, regardless if you are booking only one transfer or a roundtrip simultaneously, within the same payment transaction.

You can create a new booking, following the steps described in our article: "How can I book a transfer with Welcome?"

At the final step of "Payment", you will see an option to add a coupon:

By clicking on the option: "I have a coupon", you would need to fill in the coupon name you have been provided with, and then click on "Apply Coupon":

Automatically the discount will be applied to the original quoted amount.

Apply coupon through Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Step 1. Download our application based on your phones operating system:

  • IOS (Apple Phones)

  • Android (Samsung, Sony and other popular phone brands)

Step 2. At the final payment step of the booking you will need to click on the "Order Summary" dropdown menu

Step 3. At the bottom you will be able to see the "Apply a Coupon" option

You can see the full process below:

Important Notes:

Extra charges will be applied in case of fare difference (i.e. if your coupon has a value of 30 euro, and the new booking fare is 40 euro, you would need to pay the difference of 10 euro)

In case the new fare amount is less than the coupon value, the fare difference is non refundable

In case your Coupon covers all the booking cost, and the paid amount appears to be zero: "0 EUR", you would still need to submit you card details in order to complete the booking (PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay are also accepted). This step is required for possible extra charges that might occur due to changes upon your request.

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