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Why am I not Receiving Transfers that Some of my Colleagues Receive?
Why am I not Receiving Transfers that Some of my Colleagues Receive?

How the Leaderboard works when assigning transfers

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When assigning a transfer the system will, first, automatically check:

  1. The Driver’s Availability (capacity, schedule, Day-Off, Potential conflict with other transfer, etc.)

  2. If the transfer has extra requirements i.e. Baby Seat etc. 

  3. If the transfer is booked via a Hotel partner, whether there are set criteria preferred by the Hotel partner i.e. car specificity etc.

  4. If the transfer was booked by the driver i.e. this is a “return” transfer

  5. If the traveler had the same driver in a past trip and the customer has left a 5-star review for that trip.

  6. For potential combinations with existing transfers i.e. to match a “pickup” with a potential “dropoff” and vice versa


  • The leaderboard position will only take action (actually have an effect) on the drivers’ selection process after the aforementioned six points.

  • Please keep in mind that this is only applicable to “Personal” transfer requests. “Broadcasts” are sent to all the drivers provided that they meet availability conditions.

  • In case the volume of transfers is very low, the transfers are not necessarily only sent to the top drivers in the leaderboard. Usually, they are more evenly spread between all drivers in the leaderboard.

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