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How to accept a Sightseeing Ride
How to accept a Sightseeing Ride

What a sightseeing ride request looks like and how to accept it

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Accepting a Sightseeing Ride

The number of Sightseeing Ride requests you receive is based on:

  • Your leaderboard position

  • Your availability

  • The number of requests we receive in your city

When you receive a Sightseeing Ride request you have the options to Accept or Reject it. If you want to accept a Tour and at the same time you have scheduled transfers, when accepting the tour the transfers are automatically removed from tour schedule without any penalisation whatsoever. 

After accepting a tour requests it will automatically appear on your schedule. If you want more information about the tour you are asked to do you can always click on the Open Itinerary link and check the page of the specific tour.

In your personal request you can also check the Driver cut for the tour you are asked to do along with the traveler's comments if any.

Preparing for a Sightseeing Ride

We have compiled a series of Sightseeing Ride Guides with tips, suggested stops and general info. You can access these in the Driver Help Center by searching "guides" .

Step 1. Go to "Support"

Step 2. Tap on "Knowledge Base"

Step 3. On the search bar, search for "guides"

Step 4. Scroll down to find the guides for your city

Step 5. Tap on the guide for the specific Sightseeing Ride assigned to you

Step 6. You can download the guide to have it available on your phone

Removing a Sightseeing Ride

If for any reason you can't do a Sightseeing Ride that you have already accepted please, try to find another available for tours driver and call immediately Customer Support to notify about the change.
You can't give the Welcome Experience to another driver from your app as transfers, that's why you need to call Customer Support for the change to happen. 

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