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Why Did my Review Rating Go Down?
Why Did my Review Rating Go Down?

Below are the steps to follow in case of a bad review

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Your driver Review Rating going down means that you received a review with a score lower than your actual average.

When this happens, please refer to the weekly review email that you receive every Monday in order to check the reason for the bad review.

It is possible that you will have to wait the next Monday in order to find the review that induced the drop.

Bad review score with good comment

If you find a review with a driver score lower than 3-star with a very good comment, note down the reference number and contact the Driver Support Team through the Chat so we can review the case.

Bad review score without comment

Unfortunately in this case, no action can be taken.

Please note that your average driver score is calculated based on the most recent 60 reviews.

Note: because all these instances are recorded, we are monitoring them in order to avoid unfair reviews due to systemic issues.

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