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Driver Flags - Sightseeing Rides
Driver Flags - Sightseeing Rides

Description of the Sightseeing Rides flags, exceptions and related policies.

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Flagging for Sightseeing Rides

The regulations below are complementary to the already existing Driver Policies that are included in the Welcome Drivers Handbook:

  • Driver Flags as included on the Drivers Handbook

  • Driver No-Show Policy 

  • Extra Waiting Time Policy

  • Traveller No-Show (TNS) Policy

  • Driver Zero Tolerance Policies

  • Driver Offboarding Policy from Welcome Pickups

Driver Flags

Driver Offboarding from Sightseeing Rides Policy 

  • 1-star review (driver related)

  • 2 red flags in 60 days time

  • Average score 4.69 or less calculated on the past 10 reviews received

  • Drivers sharing personal views and opinions on sensitive matters like politics, sexuality, religion.

  • Driver has been inactive (has not operated any Sightseeing Rides) for a considerable amount of time.

If one of the aforementioned offboarding policies is violated, the Driver will be offboarded from Sightseeing Rides (will not be able to receive requests for Sightseeing Rides).

A Driver that has been offboarded from Sightseeing Rides has the right to re-apply to join Sightseeing Rides after 60 days. Applications will be evaluated by the Welcome team. 

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