Updating your Personal Details

How to change your phone number, language skills, and email address

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Changing your email address

You can request the change of the email we use to contact you by sending us an in-App chat message with your new email address.

Changing your name, phone number, and language skills:

Step 1. In the Welcomer App, go to "Account" and select the little arrow next to your name

Step 2. Select "Personal Details":

Step 3. Update the fields you would like to change and tap on "Update personal details":

Step 4: In the overall menu, the section you have changed will show with an hourglass next to it meaning that our Driver Support team will be checking the changes you have made:

Once the changes have been approved, this hourglass will disappear and it will show as "Completed".

Furthermore, if you are changing your phone number, the Driver Support team will make sure that it is updated in the Whatsapp group as well.

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