1. What do I need in order to change my vehicle info?

It is very important to have the correct vehicle details in your profile as:

  • Our travelers are informed of your vehicle details to ensure a stress-free and safe experience

  • You will receive Welcome's transfer requests based on your vehicle's maximum capacity in terms of passengers and pieces of luggage

If you need to change the details of your vehicle in your profile, you will need to gather the following info and documentation:

  • Vehicle brand & model

  • Year of manufacturing

  • 1 picture of the inside of the vehicle

  • 1 picture of the outside of the vehicle (please make sure that the plate is visible)

  • The insurance documents of the new vehicle

  • Your estimation of your vehicle's maximum capacity in terms of passengers and pieces of luggage

2. How can I change the vehicle details in the Welcomer app?

In order to change the vehicle details in the Welcomer app, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. In the Welcomer App, go to "Account" and select the little arrow next to your name:

Step 2. Select "Vehicle Details & Amenities":

Step 3: Fill out all the fields in section 1. VEHICLE DETAILS:

Step 4: In section 2. VEHICLE PHOTOS, you will upload 1 picture of the interior and 1 picture of the exterior of your vehicle (with car plate visible):

Step 5: Add any Baby seats that you might have in section 3. BABY SEATS:

Step 6: Add any Amenities you might have by ticking the box(es) in section 4. VEHICLE AMENITIES and tap on "Submit Vehicle Details":

Step 7: Tap on "Upload your documents and photos":

Step 8: Scroll down to the "INSURANCE PHOTO" section and tap on "Choose a file":

Step 9: Tap on the 3 stripes menu in the top left corner:

Step 10: Select the source on your phone from where you would like to upload the insurance document and upload it:

Step 11: Go back to the overall menu and the sections you have changed will show with an hourglass next to it meaning that our Driver Support team will be checking the changes you have made:

Once the changes have been approved, this hourglass will disappear and it will show as "Completed".

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