In this article we will describe what the Guest Welcomer must do to accept an invitation, how they can accept transfers and how they operate transfers.

A. Accepting an Invitation to become a Guest Welcomer

  1. Open the text message with the invitation and tap on the link

2. Either follow the link or log in to the Play Store or App Store, download the Welcomer app and run it.

3. Tap on "I have an Invitation"

4. Fill in your details:

5. After signing up you will receive an automated email with your password. Use your email and password to log in to the app.

6. Close the app, open it again and log in using your email and the password that you just received.

B. Set up your payment details

In the following destinations, we use Payoneer to send payments to drivers.

  • Lima, Peru

  • Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Santiago, Chile

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Singapore

  • Moscow, Russia

  • London and Edinburgh, UK

In order to set up your Payoneer account, please follow the instructions found here.

For all other destinations:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the "Messages" page and tap on "Help"

  2. Tap on "Send Message"

  3. Send us a message attaching a copy of a document that has the following details about you or your company:

    Bank Account IBAN number

    Full name
    VAT number
    VAT Tax office (if required in regards to your local tax regulations)

C. Receiving and Accepting a Welcome Transfer

  1. You will receive a notification when a Welcomer wants to send you a transfer

    2. Tap on the notification to open the app and see the transfer details. Tap on accept to receive it.

    D. Operating a Welcome Transfer

  2. Tap on "Welcome"

2. When you arrive, slide the "I'm at the pickup location" slider

3. When you meet the traveler slide the "I met the Traveler" slider

4. When you reach your destination, slide the "Complete ride" slider

5. Slide the "Close Ride" slider

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