Welcome offers wheelchair-accessible vehicles with Wheelchair ramps (Minivans).

The availability of this specialized vehicle varies depending on the seasonality of each destination.

Currently, this option is potentially available in the following destinations:

  • Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Kos, Rhodes

  • Faro, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Cyprus, Prague

  • Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Madrid

  • Casablanca, Cape Town

  • Santiago, Buenos Aires

  • Istanbul, Singapore, Tel Aviv

If you would like to book a wheelchair accessible vehicle, please make sure to mention this in the "Notes for the Driver" section when making your booking

If there is any additional information that we require, a representative will reach out to you directly.

Depending on the vehicle type booked, you may be requested to upgrade your vehicle with an extra fee. Our Customer Support team will reach out to you to inform you about the cost of the upgrade and to confirm the type of vehicle that will be assigned to your transfer.

Please note that if you are traveling with a non-foldable electric wheelchair, the smallest type of vehicle that can accommodate your transfer is a Minivan.

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