Setting up your availability is necessary in order to start receiving transfer requests from Welcome. 

Your schedule will inform our system when you are available to work, and you will receive requests for only when you are actually available.

Note: The emergency broadcasted requests will still be received outside of your schedule in order to increase the chances of having them operated. But don't worry - not accepting those requests will not negatively impact your metrics!

Build your week shift & set up your availability

App version

Step 1. Tap on "Account"

Step 2. Tap on "Availability"

Step 3. Select the options menu (three horizontal lines on upper right corner)

Step 4. Tap on "Week Shifts"

Step 5. Tap on "+ Add New Week Shift"

Step 6. To Create a new week shift , tap on "Week Shift Name" and Enter a name of your choice

Step 7. We named this shift "Day Shift - Sundays off". Now we will add a shift from 08:00 to 20:00 on all days (apart from Sunday). Tap on "Add new timeslot for [DAY]"

Step 8. Move the slider to your selected shift start and end hours. Do the same for all the days of this weekly schedule.

Step 9. Tap on "Save the Shift"

Step 10. Go again at the options icon and select "Availability".

Step 11. On all the weeks that you want to add this weekly schedule, tap on the little arrow.

Step 12. Select which weekly schedule you wish to add. You can create as many different schedules as you want.

Step 13. Tap on "Save". Or if you added schedules on multiple weeks tap on "Save All" at the top of the list.

Desktop/laptop version

Setting up your availability is also possible via your member page: and the process is identical to the in-App version.

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